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Leipzig works

(en) CTA W Leipzig

BREMER Fertigteile Leipzig GmbH

The aim of establishing our precast concrete element plant in 2012 was to supply Central Germany's regional markets and scale up production capacity as a whole. The construction of a new rail connection also permits the economical, sustainable and prompt implementation of supraregional projects.

Our service spectrum includes the development, fabrication, delivery and assembly of precast elements. Flexible production, short chains of command and a streamlined hierarchy help ensure that goals are achieved.


Leipzig works

modern project development, in tune with the market

Cutting-edge planning and construc­tion

Profit from our long-standing expertise. The BREMER precast element range, standardised components and patented precast element systems make for state-of-the-art design and construction. You can depend on punctual delivery and cost certainty.

(en) Fertigteile in bester Qualität

professional management, qualified team

Top-quality precast elements

Clients particularly appreciate the quality of our products and the swift and professional manner in which projects are handled. The Leipzig subsidiary employs a highly qualified team of precast concrete element constructors, master craftsmen, technicians and project engineers. Investment in new manufacturing facilities has enabled us to double the output of precast concrete elements. As a result, new long term jobs have also been created.

Leipzig works1

Leipzig works

Reinforced concrete elements
Ø 25.000 m³ concrete / year
150 m³ / day capacity
Average 35 precast elements / day

customised production through to delivery

Order-based production

We perform every stage of the production process ourselves. Having our own rebar bending shop, fitting shop and mixing plant, we are able to custom tailor operations for each order. This includes reinforcement cage assembly, formwork construction and production of concrete.

Leipzig works2
Leipzig works3

in the heart of Germany

Manu­facturing facility in Leipzig

Our Leipzig manufacturing operation is ideally positioned in the middle of Germany. Whatever elements need to be delivered and whatever the distance that needs to be covered, we fulfil every requirement thanks to the strategic support of BREMER AG and the works at Paderborn.


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