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Paderborn Works

Expertise, engineering and a great deal of experience – that is what we offer at one of Germany's biggest precast concrete element plants. Whether you need large numbers of units or special span lengths, we offer a customised product made in our own precast element construction operation to your individual specifications.

The product range extends from I-girders, T-girders and purlins through slabs, beams, trough plates and columns to foundations and walls.

Paderborn works

on schedule, quick and professional

Short construction times guaranteed

We know what our clients value most: quality, swift professional project handling and on-time delivery. Thanks to high production capacity, our manufacturing operation can meet virtually any client requirements. So, extremely short construction times are guaranteed – at any time of year and whatever the weather.

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Precast reinforced concrete elements

Concrete construction to your specifications – that is a promise we translate into action on a daily basis. In addition to offering an extensive range of precast elements, we gladly realise customer-specific projects. For example, we produce columns and beams weighing up to 100 t and prestresssed concrete girders in lengths up to 60 m. Our product range also includes single and double-skin wall elements.

Paderborn works1

Paderborn works

Prestressed and reinforced concrete elements
100.000 m³ concrete / year
500 m³ / day capacity
Average 120 precast elements / day

ensuring on-time delivery and the highest standard of service


A smooth construction workflow requires sophisticated production, transport and assembly logistics. We are pleased to plan and handle all operations for you. Whether road or rail – we find the best solution for your needs.

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