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To create, maintain and increase property value – that is the mission that drives BREMER Projektentwicklung to establish a local presence across the property sector, with a special focus on the office, retail, commercial and manufacturing property segments. In the revitalisation and restructuring of pre-used sites, sustainability is at the heart of our activities. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes site selection, site acquisition, building approval support, utilisation plan development, planning and management as well as the sale of the developed property to end-investors. If required, we also offer project development as a standalone service.

Our aim is to develop competitive, economically viable real estate for our clients. The nationwide network of BREMER branch operations and very good market contacts form a sound basis for that.

To guarantee long-term client satisfaction, we offer the option of construction being handled by BREMER. We are thus in full control through every project phase and can implement efficient solutions. BREMER is one of Germany's foremost providers of turnkey construction based on precast reinforced concrete elements, which are designed and produced at the company's own works in Paderborn and Leipzig. We construct buildings for a prestigious portfolio of clients up to any defined performance limit. Our business activities span the following types of building: office buildings, furniture stores, cold storage facilities, logistics buildings, production facilities and retail. In each case, clients can count on top quality, professional implementation, cost certainty and punctual delivery.

From site selection to sale

Range of services

(en) Leistungsspektrum Standortsuche / Gründstückserwerb

Site selection

You need to be sure that the position, infrastructure and location of a site meet your requirements in every respect. To provide that security, we perform a targeted site search based exclusively on your requirement profile. Transport connections? Distances? We analyse every factor to ensure a sound decision.

Site acquisition

A construction project is typically fraught with public law issues. To ensure that your project stands on solid foundations in this respect, we offer advice on site acquisition and support for contact with government agencies and local authorities.

Building approval support

Without a building permit, every project remains just an idea. The issues surrounding building approval are complex. What planning law requirements does your specific project need to meet? What steps need to be taken to secure the required approval? Even if development plans need to be created, you can count on our expertise.

(en) Leistungsspektrum Nutzungskonzepte / Planung / Verkauf

Utilisation plans

We develop a tailor-made utilisation plan in consultation with all partners. The focus is on meeting occupier needs and ensuring sustainable commercial value. We also take account of urban planning regulations and municipal interests. We support you with a utilisation plan that is market-oriented, economically viable and designed to ensure long-term value.

Planning and management

Clear targets, proper planning and professional implementation – we make sure that every parameter is duly considered, from project idea to ground-breaking ceremony. And even beyond that if required. We coordinate service providers, monitor quality and take care of every detail of project implementation.



Our efforts are geared to creating new value from pre-used sites. This means selling the developed properties to end-investors. Right from the outset, we consider the full life cycle of your project by focusing on sustainable concepts. This is the only way to achieve good long-term returns.

Projekt­entwicklung GmbH

»Our aim is to develop competitive, economically viable real estate for our clients.«

Bernd Jungholt

DHL Distribution Centre Gütersloh

Project example

In 2018, the Hagedorn Group acquired three partial sites from the former office wholesaler Brüggershemke und Reinkemeier in Gütersloh with the aim of preparing them for new development.
The main site described here is 42,000 sqm and was developed by BREMER and Hagedorn in a joint venture. The first client is the Deutsche Post DHL Group with a combined delivery base which is under construction on a plot of approximately 15,000 sqm.

Watch the video to see the revitalisation process for the large commercial site.


Project development
Project development1

Amazon Distribution Centre Bielefeld

Project example

The Hagedorn Group acquired the site after the Hellmann logistics company sold the site on Teltower Strasse in Bielefeld in 2017. Due to its proximity to the East Ring and the A2 motorway, the property is ideal for use as a commercial site.

Together with Hagedorn, BREMER has created a new commercial location from the derelict industrial site and it is now being used by Amazon as a distribution centre.

Our video shows you the entire revitalisation process.


BREMER Business Park Hanau

Project example

This is a place with a long history. Initially the site of a production facility for military ordnance, it was later redeveloped as a Siemens fuel element plant. After receiving clearance from the nuclear oversight agency and after deletion from the register of contaminated sites, the land was acquired by BREMER with a view to constructing a business park with flexibly rentable hall and office facilities.

The resulting technology park is now an established business location superbly connected to the transport infrastructure of the Rhine-Main area. Approx. 8,000 sqm of modern commercial premises are being built here for the service, manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Project development2