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The BREMER Academy organises the internal training, upskilling and personal development programmes for all operational departments. This means tailored practical knowledge is available at all times for the development, furtherance and selective acquisition of skills.

The result is a team that is highly qualified to meet future challenges and drive the company forward with innovative solutions – keeping BREMER on the road to success and constantly at the forefront of progress and development!


Because we build on experience and expertise


Our instructors are external specialists with profound professional expertise. As experienced trainers, they know their job and know how to cultivate and release the talent and potential of our employees. But professional personnel development also automatically means looking over the horizon. BREMER Academy instructors follow precisely that principle. Transferring external knowledge, sharing experience and constantly exploring new perspectives, they are an exceptionally capable team.

So that you profit from internal training


Everyone learns something new at the BREMER Academy. From engineering to business administration, from legal affairs to communication and management – the seminars on offer are tailored to the "BREMER world" and cater for employees of all disciplines in all departments. Incoming trainees are also naturally introduced to BREMER culture at a special camp. The gain in expertise not only promotes internal HR development; it is also a determining factor for the company's success. So, you can have long-term confidence in our expertise!


Consistently process-oriented and always practical


Our in-depth training centre offers new professional entrants very attractive prospects since we train junior staff based on their needs. After all, it is our aim that all trainees remain in our team. Whether it's for a career as a master craftsman or in a management position, many opportunities are open to you after training. We prefer to fill technical and management positions with employees from our own ranks. Many opportunities for advancement in our own company start at a very early stage: study-related internships, final theses for bachelor's and master's degree studies as well as practicals for working students and trainees.

Take your personal development into your own hands


We want to bring out your inquisitive side. Why? Because curiosity is key to learning and discovery. And learning and discovery pave the way for innovation and progress. So, always remain open and keep learning with BREMER. Now it is your turn. Take advantage of the wide range of courses on offer at the Academy and discover new sides for yourself!



»The BREMER Academy lays foundations and creates opportunities for employees to upgrade their skills and further their personal development in all operational departments.«

Wolfgang Bremer

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