EDEKA store

in Hamburg

EDEKA store in Hamburg6EDEKA store in Hamburg7EDEKA store in Hamburg8EDEKA store in Hamburg9EDEKA store in Hamburg10EDEKA store in Hamburg11
Building data
Floor area
2,565 sqm
45 / 57 / 11.80 m
Type of building
Scope of supply and services
Period of construction
July 2016 – Aug. 2017
Special features
Newbuild for full-line supplier in Hamburg Neugraben
Description of the facility
Before building work commenced, a single-storey retail facility dating from the 1980s needed to be demolished on the downtown site and the materials used in it sorted by pollutant category and disposed of appropriately. Reusable crushed material is used for foundations. The new 2-storey building occupies 95% of the construction site and incorporates ground-level customer parking (70 spaces) and two truck delivery zones for the store. Customers access the upper storey via lifts or moving walkways. With an approx. 1,750 sq m sales area for a wide retail range, a bakery shop with seating and the storage and preparation areas provided, the facility is optimally proportioned. The facade is lined with North German full clinker bricks and features approx. 4.50x1.20m display windows on the ground and upper floors. Cooling and ventilation systems are support-mounted on the roof, which is extensively greened.