SEGRO business park

in Mörfelden

SEGRO business park in MörfeldenSEGRO business park in Mörfelden1SEGRO business park in Mörfelden2SEGRO business park in Mörfelden3SEGRO business park in Mörfelden4SEGRO business park in Mörfelden5SEGRO business park in Mörfelden6SEGRO business park in Mörfelden7SEGRO business park in Mörfelden8SEGRO business park in Mörfelden9
Building data
Floor area
17,500 sqm
192 / 96 / 10 m
Type of building
Production facilities
Scope of supply and services
Period of construction
Feb. 2017 - Nov. 2017
Description of the facility

A logistics and business park under construction on the approx. 28,000 m² site in Mörfelden. Altogether, the project consists of three building complexes and a parking facility and will be realised in a single construction phase. The 14,500 m² total hall space can be flexibly subdivided to meet occupant requirements. Variable areas from 250 m² to 3,000 m² are possible. The 3,000 m² total office space is accommodated on the 1st floor mezzanine level and will be developed as required. Flexible use of each hall section is permitted by five delivery areas with 16 ground-level bays and 16 loading bridges.