SEBRO production facility

in Kirchardt

SEBRO production facility in KirchardtSEBRO production facility in Kirchardt1SEBRO production facility in Kirchardt2SEBRO production facility in Kirchardt3SEBRO production facility in Kirchardt4SEBRO production facility in Kirchardt5SEBRO production facility in Kirchardt6SEBRO production facility in Kirchardt7SEBRO production facility in Kirchardt8


Floor area

5,527 sqm


81 / 102 / 10.50 m

Type of building

Production facilities

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

March 2017 - Dec. 2017

Special features

Demolition of an existing hall and construction of a new production hall with office building.

Description of the facility

The new building consists of two adjoining production halls and a 2-storey office building as a head-end structure to hall 1. The office facility and the production hall are separated by a fire wall. The buildings stand on deep foundations laid to a depth of up to approx. 10 m. The production halls are equipped with a total of 3 high-speed spiral doors. The office building incorporates a lift with disabled access. The production halls have a vertical insulated facade, the office building a facade with a composite thermal insulation system. Heating for the halls is provided by radiant tube heaters, while the office building heating is handled by a heat pump and gas-fired condensing boiler.