in Maisach

Production + office building

Rappenglitz production + office Maisach9



9,939 sqm

Floor area

Hall: 131 / 69 / 11.20 Office: 45 / 12 / 13.40


Production facilities,  Office buildings

Type of building


Scope of supply and services

Jan. 2020 - March 2021

Period of construction
Description of the facility

BREMER has been contracted to construct a new office building for user Rappenglitz, an experienced booth builder in Maisach.
Separated into hall and office space by a fire wall, the prestigious project extends over three storeys. The vertically constructed iso-façade gets a modern look with numerous glass elements.
The hall, also separated by an inner fire wall, contains a logistics area and a factory including loading area, as well as a mezzanine space, where offices and social areas are located.
Two sectional doors are arranged at the front side.