in Verl

Nobilia despatch hall overbuild

Nobilia despatch hall overbuild in Verl2



13,280 sqm

Floor area

166 / 80 / 10.00 m


Production facilities,  Prefabricated products

Type of building


Scope of supply and services

July 2009 – Aug. 2010

Period of construction
Description of the facility

BREMER is building over the oldest Nobilia warehouse facilities in Verl. The demolition of the existing halls, which are wooden structures with trapezoidal sheeting and a bitumen warm roof, takes place when the overbuild is complete. The height of the old hall is 5.70 m. The new building is 10 m high with a grid of 20.0 x 18.75 m. The facade of the new production facility consists of BREMER concrete sandwich elements with built-in aluminium windows. The building also features thirteen rolling doors with approach aprons and fixed loading docks. The trapezoidal sheet and membrane roof with 140 mm insulation features 1,700 sqm of rooflights and a negative pressure roof drainage system.

Special features

The overbuild work takes place while the existing hall is still fully operational. Foundation work, assembly of the precast structure and subsequent demolition of the existing wooden hall are scheduled to take place during breaks in production (summer holidays, Christmas and Easter). The precast elements are assembled using one of the largest mobile cranes in Germany, a 1,200 ton telescopic crawler crane.