greenfield production facility

in Achern

greenfield production facility in Acherngreenfield production facility in Achern1greenfield production facility in Achern2greenfield production facility in Achern3greenfield production facility in Achern4


Floor area

12,140 sqm


108 / 105 / 12.45 + 15 / 55 / 12.45 m

Type of building

Production facilities

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

Aug. 2015 – Feb. 2016

Description of the facility

The production facility consists of 3 production areas and a mezzanine with a total floor area of 8,175 sq m, an approx. 3,215 sq m storage area and a workshop, technical, office and social facility extension with an area of around 810 sq m. The different zones are separated by fire walls and system walls. The building consists of a reinforced concrete structure designed for 5 tonne crane track. Access to the individual hall sections is provided by high-speed doors. The facility is served by 8 loading bays. The office premises, with an impressive entrance area, are located on the ground floor.