in Nuremberg


BREZEN KOLB newbuild in Nuremberg2



4242 sqm

Floor area

61.40 / 27.00 / 12.00 m


Production facilities

Type of building

Turnkey incl. building services and exterior facilities

Scope of supply and services

Jan. – July 2014

Period of construction
Description of the facility

The 2-storey production building features an intermediate floor of double-tee slabs with a top course of concrete. The salesroom with adjoining café in front also has two storeys. The facades are clad with insulated sandwich panels and flat sheet metal. The building services, with process refrigeration, compressed air and other components, are designed to meet the high requirements of the modern production operation with a 25 metre-long stone oven. A deep-freeze storage facility cold storage cells for transport logistics are also integrated in the building.

Special features

SOLID CONSTRUCTION FOR FRESHNESS AND DIVERSITY – The new building complex upgrades the Brezen Kolb baked goods company's production capacity for regional specialities in Nuremberg. Optimal scope for this is offered by the flexible facility realised with BREMER precast reinforced concrete elements. Alongside the production hall is a café with outdoor area as well a drive-in counter for the sale of products directly ex works. The entire complex will be realised by BREMER, including the complex building services and all exterior facilities.