Nobilia production facility

in Saarlouis

Nobilia production facility in Saarlouis4Nobilia production facility in Saarlouis5Nobilia production facility in Saarlouis6Nobilia production facility in Saarlouis7
Building data
Floor area
100,000 sqm
420 / 250 / 14.50 m
Type of building
Prefabricated products,  Production facilities
Scope of supply and services
Precast element
Period of construction
June 2019 - Dec. 2019
Description of the facility
BREMER has been contracted to construct the first of four independent construction sections. This first phase is about 100,000 sqm of hall space and 6,000 sqm ceiling space. All buildings are made from concrete and reinforced concrete elements. One distinctive feature is the 28m high bay warehouse. Further extensions are possible.