Produktionshalle Merschbrock-Wiese

in Rietberg

Merschbrock-Wiese production hall in RietbergMerschbrock-Wiese production hall in Rietberg1Merschbrock-Wiese production hall in Rietberg2
Building data
Floor area
11,200 sqm
79 / 66 / 12.00 m
Type of building
Production facilities
Scope of supply and services
precast reinforced concrete elements and structural analysis
Period of construction
Oct. 2009 – Dec. 2009
Special features

This project for BREMER comes directly from the client, awarded because of the economical use of the BREMER floor solution.

Description of the facility

With this newbuild project, Merschbrock-Wiese Gewürzhandel GmbH extended its production and storage capacities as well as its office premises. The two-storey production and storage area features a 16.5 m span BREMER floor with a live load of 20 KN/qm. The three-storey office is accessed via a bridge and is visually emphasized and distinguished from the production facility by a projecting surround finished in company red.