BREMER HQ PaderbornBREMER HQ Paderborn1
BREMER HQ Paderborn2


Floor area

4,000 sqm


65 / 22 / 18.7 m

Type of building

Office buildings

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

Jan. 2010 – Dec. 2010

Special features

A two-storey office section is being built over a public road to link the new building with the existing administrative facility. When completed, it will thus allow work to be performed literally "over the road". Because of a space-saving construction method, the land requirement is just 500 sqm.

Description of the facility

A new headquarter building was required for the centralized administration of all BREMER operations. Owing to lack of space on the precast element plant site, some of the offices are situated over the road that separates the BREMER sites. A total of approx. 4,000 sqm of new floor space will thus be created with a modest land requirement of 500 sqm. Each storey over the road will have a floor area of 1,440 sqm. An additional positive side-effect of this constructive solution is that it integrates the existing office building. The main stairwell of the existing administrative premises will be extended during the course of the construction work and will be one of three stairwells serving the building when it is completed. All the large-format precast reinforced and prestressed concrete elements used in the new building are made by BREMER itself. The span over the road is 22 m and the headroom 7.50 m. The building is heated and cooled by a groundwater heat pump. The entire project is designed to meet the sustainable building criteria of the DGNB.