XXXLutz logistics centre

in Erfurt

XXXLutz logistics centre in ErfurtXXXLutz logistics centre in Erfurt1XXXLutz logistics centre in Erfurt2XXXLutz logistics centre in Erfurt3


Floor area

123,730 m²


580 / 176 / 12.00 – 24.35

Type of building

Logistics building

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

Aug. 2018 – Oct. 2019

Description of the facility

The building is divided into 9 units, one of which is realised as an automated high bay silo warehouse and another as an automated small parts warehouse with a clear internal height of 18 m. The remaining development consists of 4 single-storey units with a clear internal height of 10.50 m and 3 two-storey units with a clear internal height of 5.50 m. The entire north part of the building is fitted with offices, meeting rooms, social facilities and overnight stop rooms on the upper floor and mezzanine levels.  Because of the natural topography of the site, the high bay warehouse in the west is set 8.50 m lower than the rest of the building. Goods are put and picked in the high-bay storage area on an intermediate level flush with the top of the finished floor of the other units.