Wilhelm Gienger

in Kornwestheim

Wilhelm Gienger in KornwestheimWilhelm Gienger in Kornwestheim1Wilhelm Gienger in Kornwestheim2
Building data
Floor area
Type of building
Logistics building
Scope of supply and services
Period of construction
June 2014 – Feb. 2015
Special features

Innovative and future-proof design and operation

Description of the facility

Wholesaler Wilhelm Gienger is upgrading its existing logistics building in Kornwestheim with the addition of a further hall and integrated four-storey wing for offices and social facilities. As a leading building services wholesaler, the client attaches special importance to modern installations technology meeting the highest environmental and economic standards. This includes office heating based on air-to-water heat pumps as well as heating/cooling ceilings for the office space. The entire roof is greened. It is planned that a 150 kWp photovoltaic system should be mounted on the roof of the administrative wing to supply the complex with its own generated energy. The facades of the administrative wing are realised with concrete sandwich elements. The hall has an insulated sandwich facade.