in Regensburg

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Building data
Floor area
hall: 18,600 sqm, office: 300 sqm
194/90/13.50 m (hall)
Type of building
Logistics building,  Office buildings
Scope of supply and services
Period of construction
Oct. 2012 - April 2013
Special features

Logistics building with ESFR sprinkler protection system, outdoor underground sprinkler tank, 4 side loading bays, adjoining 2-storey office building.

Description of the facility

The facility is a logistics building with receiving, dispatch, picking, fabrication and block or rack storage areas.
On the longitudinal side of the hall is a 2-storey office building, to which more storeys could be added. Two more office buildings up to 3 storeys high are planned and will be realised as required. The 18,600 m² logistics building is realised without fire compartment walls and is equipped with an ESFR sprinkler system. Sprinkler tank and sprinkler equipment room are outdoors underground.
The supporting structure consists of precast reinforced concrete elements. The facade is a sheet steel cassette facade with trapezoidal sheet cladding for the hall and horizontal smooth sheet casing for the office building.