in Unterschleißheim

Orterer Getränkemärkte in UnterschleißheimOrterer Getränkemärkte in Unterschleißheim1Orterer Getränkemärkte in Unterschleißheim2Orterer Getränkemärkte in Unterschleißheim3Orterer Getränkemärkte in Unterschleißheim4Orterer Getränkemärkte in Unterschleißheim5Orterer Getränkemärkte in Unterschleißheim6


Floor area

11,330 m²


75 / 49 / 10.85 + 48 / 19 / 10.85 m

Type of building

Logistics building,  Office buildings

Scope of supply and services

turnkey incl. exterior facilities

Period of construction

Sep. 2015 – June 2016

Description of the facility

Following a recommendation by the Trinks company, BREMER undertakes its first construction project for Orterer Getränkemärkte. The ground floor is designed for storage and divided into 2 zones by a fire wall. Technical rooms and social facilities are on the second floor, offices on the third.