ING Main Log 3

in Neu-Isenburg

ING Main Log 3 in Neu-IsenburgING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg1ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg2ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg3ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg4ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg5ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg6ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg7ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg8ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg9ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg10ING Main Log 3 in Neu-Isenburg11


Floor area

26,500 sqm


253 / 90 / 14.10 m

Type of building

Logistics building

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

Feb. 11 – Aug. 11

Special features

This logistics centre is another BREMER construction project for ING Real Estate.

Description of the facility

The logistics building is a back-to-back solution adjoining an existing building realised as a Bremer precast reinforced concrete element structure. The building is divided into three hall sections. Office premises and storage space are accommodated on two mezzanine levels. The high-design facade makes for an architecturally attractive building.