Haus + Co.

in Hockenheim

Haus + Co. Projektmanagment GmbH in HockenheimHaus + Co. Projektmanagment GmbH in Hockenheim1Haus + Co. Projektmanagment GmbH in Hockenheim2


Floor area

hall: 7,000, office: 1,100 sqm


134 / 61 / 12.68 m

Type of building

Logistics building,  Office buildings

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

April 2015 – Sep. 2015

Description of the facility

BREMER's fourth construction project for Haus + Co. is a hall extension for offices and social facilities. A fire wall is constructed along the existing axis and the single-storey hall is subdivided, as required, into storage and production zones. The office building is realised as a 3-storey head-end structure. The social facilities are accommodated in a single-storey head end building on the opposite side. The loading zone is comprised of 5 docks. The entire supporting structure consists of precast reinforced concrete elements. The building is fitted with a comprehensive automatic fire-extinguishing system, including water tanks.