Goodman logistics centre extension

Hamburg Port

Goodman Erweiterung LGZ Hafen HamburgGoodman Erweiterung LGZ Hafen Hamburg1Goodman Erweiterung LGZ Hafen Hamburg2Goodman Erweiterung LGZ Hafen Hamburg3Goodman Erweiterung LGZ Hafen Hamburg4Goodman Erweiterung LGZ Hafen Hamburg5


Floor area

12,617 sqm


108 / 104 / 14.14 m

Type of building

Logistics building

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

Nov. 2016 – July 2017

Description of the facility

The logistics centre is an extension of the existing building (shallow foundations) constructed in 2005. The existing infrastructure can be used – although the site has separate road access – and the facility can be operated independently, accommodating up to two tenants. Owing to the subsoil conditions, the new building is set on pile foundations (approx. 3,500 screw piles) with two-layer consolidation. The design of the reinforced concrete structure, including mezzanine and stairwells, takes this into account. The roof at the annex axis (24 m) is realised as a steel structure to minimise additional loading on the existing building. The new building, including delivery area, is sealed in compliance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG) and equipped with bulkhead systems. An area of 5000 m² is fitted with narrow aisle shelving. Because hazardous goods are stored, large parts of the building are fitted not only with a sprinkler system and customised ventilation system but also with a foam extinguishing system that delivers foam throughout the building within 3 minutes. The sprinkler and control centre is located outside.