Garbe/Hammer logistics centre

in Eschweiler

Building data
Floor area
103,500 sqm
470 / 218 / 12.50 m
Type of building
Logistics building
Scope of supply and services
Period of construction
March 2018 - Jan. 2019
Description of the facility

A logistics centre is being realised by investor Garbe for freight forwarder Hammer on the approx. 187,000 m² site in Eschweiler. The project as a whole consists of a 93,500 m² hall with 9 fire compartments for use as a production and logistics facility. Social facilities are incorporated in the 600 m² 2-storey office building and in the 2,600 m² of mezzanine office space created inside the halls. Deliveries are received via 90 docks. Five transformers with an aggregate output of 4,500 kVA are being installed for logistical and production operations.