in Neuss

Fiege Mega Center

Fiege logistics centre Neuss9



82,000 sqm

Floor area

523 / 157 / 14 m


Logistics building

Type of building


Scope of supply and services

Jan. 08 – Oct. 08

Period of construction
Description of the facility

The building consists of a BREMER precast reinforced concrete structure with a trapezoidal sheet steel roof. The facade is made of precast reinforced concrete elements and a steel cassette wall. Approx. 42,000 sqm of the logistics space in the building is designed to meet the needs of TechnoCargo Logistik GmbH. The company performs logistics services for clients in the sanitary/heating/air-conditioning industry. TechnoCargo Logistik also provides packaging and workshop services, for which an approx. 1,100 sqm truck service hall and a truck refuelling facility are provided. The entrance is architecturally emphasized by a projecting office area providing access to the mezzanine level. The approx. 2,300 sqm office space is on three levels, partly in the projecting area, partly on the mezzanine level. Approx. 40,000 sqm of the logistics space, including 2,200 sqm of office space in the mezzanine area, is leased to other tenants. The entire facility was delivered by BREMER as a turnkey project. BREMER also performed all the detailed design.

Special features

The logistics centre is situated on the 16-hectare Tucherstrasse / Am Blankenwasser site in Neuss. 82,000 sqm of storage space is distributed among eight warehouses, each with a floor area of 10,200 sqm. The shell consists of a BREMER precast reinforced concrete structure with a 24 m x 18 m / 18 m x 18 m column grid (approx. 600 columns, 700 girders, 130 holding beams).