in Paderborn

Deutsche Post DHL MechZB 60

Deutsche Post DHL MechZB 60 in Paderborn6



4,560 m²

Floor area

108 / 45 / 9.55 m


Logistics building

Type of building


Scope of supply and services

Oct. 2017 - June 2018

Period of construction
Description of the facility

Like all of the client's distribution centres, the concept is for a modular building that can be flexibly adapted to the local requirements of the distribution area. The handling hall features 42 metre long reinforced concrete girders that freely span the room in which the sorting facility is located. Precise construction planning and on-time delivery by BREMER ensure that the complex materials handling systems can be installed at an early stage, thus significantly shortening the overall period of construction. The facade consists of a reinforced concrete base, an insulated steel facade in the corporate colours of Deutsche Post and a continuous row of windows

The 2-storey office building has a floor area of 540 m².
Initial earthworks are required on the site to overcome elevation differences up to 5.0 m. All drainage water from roofs percolates into the ground on the site.