Böllhoff logistics center

in Oelsnitz

Böllhoff logistics center in OelsnitzBöllhoff logistics center in Oelsnitz1Böllhoff logistics center in Oelsnitz2Böllhoff logistics center in Oelsnitz3Böllhoff logistics center in Oelsnitz4Böllhoff logistics center in Oelsnitz5


Floor area

17,200 sqm


163 / 127 / 35.00 m

Type of building

Logistics building

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

May 2018 – April 2019

Description of the facility

BREMER has been contracted to construct a logistics centre for Böllhoff. The building complex consists of a 35m high bay warehouse, operated fully automated, a 20m high bay warehouse with an integrated automatic small-parts warehouse and a narrow aisle warehouse. In front of the warehouse operations a 2-storey head building is located, including in- and outcoming goods department on the ground floor and a picking area on the upper floor, equipped with a sophisticated conveyor technique. The logistics centre is being completed by a 2-storey office building and a technology extension. The design of the bottom plate of the high bay warehouse is particularly challenging, likewise the coordination of the planning and the sophisticated conveyor technique. The spacious estate allows various extensions.