AMB Distribution Center

in Obergeorgswerder

AMB Distribution Center in ObergeorgswerderAMB Distribution Center in Obergeorgswerder1AMB Distribution Center in Obergeorgswerder2
Building data
Floor area
10,000 sqm
66 / 147 / 12.5 + 20 / 12 / 12.5 m
Type of building
Logistics building
Scope of supply and services
Period of construction
March 11 – Sep. 11
Special features

Resumption of good business relationship after successful initial cooperation in 2008.

Description of the facility

The logistics building, including the office building in front, is a BREMER precast reinforced concrete structure. The logistics building has an insulated facade, the office building a clinker facade. For environmental reasons and to comply with building regulations, a third of the office space has a greened roof.