Zurbrüggen Wohnzentrum

in Herne

Zurbrüggen Wohnzentrum Herne


Floor area

53,400 sqm


157 / 85 / 18.5 m

Type of building

Furniture stores

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

April 2011 – Jan. 2012

Special features

Continuing a decades-long business relationship, BREMER AG undertakes its 8th construction project for Zurbrüggen. The foundations for the building comprise 500 impact-driven precast reinforced concrete piles.

Description of the facility

The site on Holsterhauser Strasse in Herne is reached via an access road constructed by BREMER. The building is constructed entirely of BREMER precast reinforced concrete elements. Above the steel and glass facade of the main entrance is the eye-catching glass roof arch that signals a Zurbrüggen furniture outlet. Vertical access within the 4-storey store is provided not only by glass elevators but also by an elegant spiralling reinforced concrete ramp connecting the different levels.