in Dettingen a. d. Iller


Lidl in Dettingen a. d. Iller5

Dettingen a. d. Iller


approx, 44,900 sqm

Floor area

330 / 124 / 13.00 m


Cold storage facilities

Type of building


Scope of supply and services

Oct. 2014 – Sep. 2015

Period of construction
Description of the facility

The site of the new Lidl logistics centre is directly adjacent to the A7 motorway at the Dettingen an der Iller exit. Vehicle access to the logistics centre is via an HGV parking area in front of the building, from which the relevant loading bay is approached via a porter's lodge. The receiving area is along the longitudinal east side of the building and the shipping area is on the west side. The logistics centre itself is divided into different storage zones catering for the entire Lidl range. The individual zones are temperature-controlled, set at -24°C to +17°C according to the type of products stored there. A number of zones incorporate small office facilities for managing the receiving and shipping operations in the relevant zone. The logistics centre is administered from a 2-storey office building fronting the east side of the hall.