Papp cold storage facility

in Ottobrunn

Balt. Papp cold storage facility in OttobrunnBalt. Papp cold storage facility in Ottobrunn1Balt. Papp cold storage facility in Ottobrunn2


Floor area

6,800 sqm


refrigerated warehouse 123 / 35 / 9.75 m. office 123 / 8 / 12.40 m

Type of building

Cold storage facilities

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

Jan. – Juli 2014

Special features

FLEXIBLE FACILITY FOR REFRIGERATION AND FRESHNESS – BREMER has been contracted to construct a cold storage facility with adjoining office building in Ottobrunn for Balthasar Papp Internationale Lebensmittellogistik. The external facade on insulated panels is additionally furnished with a steel construction for a green curtain wall that gives the storage facility a natural and attractive appearance.

Description of the facility

The warehouse building is divided into a handling area and cold cell sections with block stacking storage facilities. The individual cold cells with humidification system allow different arrangements of refrigeration zones and thus permit very flexible storage for fresh produce. Adjoining the handling hall at the front of the complex are 22 loading bays. The entire complex, including exterior facilities, will be realised by BREMER as a turnkey project.