Office building

in Leonberg

Office building Mateco LeonbergOffice building Mateco Leonberg1


Floor area

Office: 3,063 sqm // Hall: 2,170 sqm


Office: 41 / 18 / 16.50 // Hall: 76 / 26 / 12.50 m

Type of building

Office buildings,  Production facilities

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

Aug. 2020 - Juli 2021

Description of the facility

BREMER has been contracted to build an office building and production hall for customer mateco GmbH near Stuttgart. Until April 2021 the new headquarter is being built on the 20,000 sqm estate. The building has 4 storeys with more than 3,000 sqm office space as well as 2,000 sqm hall including factory and preparation. Parking spaces, a filling station and a car wash are placed next to the outside facilities.