in Hannover

archive and office building

bauwo archive and office building Hannover
bauwo archive and office building Hannover



21,000 sqm

Floor area

163 / 55 / 18.60 m


Office buildings

Type of building


Scope of supply and services

January 2022 - Sept. 2023

Period of construction
Description of the facility

For our client bauwo Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH, we are constructing a turnkey archive and depository building with offices in Hanover.

The property is divided into structures A (4-storey), B (3-storey) and C (single-storey) and will have a prestigious entrance area. The entire building structure is made of precast concrete elements and consists of columns and beams with Pi floors. The building is accessed by four staircases/passenger lifts. Overhangs on the upper floors lead visitors into the bright, inviting lobby. The spacious 2-storey lobby behind the mullion and transom façade forms a seamless transition between the outside area and the public lobby with its reception and communication zone. The generous glass surfaces of the mullion and transom façade make the lobby and the reading room recognisable as public areas.

In general, the striking façade design is achieved through the use of light-coloured, lively clinker bricks with homogeneous joints. The façade appearance is given additional structure by recessed fields with sill windows or clinker brick surfaces, depending on the use of the rooms behind them. The dynamic relief structure also provides a uniform and homogeneous effect to the façade surfaces which are largely enclosed.

Another important and unifying design element consists of the balustrade areas in the recessed façade bays. Regardless of whether there are windows or closed masonry above them, these areas are partly built in a composite structure with vertically positioned clinker bricks. The alternating orientation of the clinker bricks in the recessed areas additionally breaks up the largely closed façades within the structured façade design.

Structure C will have an extensive green roof. All depository and storage rooms will have no windows to prevent daylight from entering.
Very high demands are placed on climate control and room humidity to protect the stored exhibits. Special attention is paid to the building's thermal insulation in summer. A summer night cooling system is planned for the office and meeting areas.

Special features

The project is certified to DGNB Platinum and the planned energy standard will comply with a KfW Efficiency Building 55.