Production facility

in Schwarzheide

BASF production facility SchwarzheideBASF production facility Schwarzheide1BASF production facility Schwarzheide2BASF production facility Schwarzheide3BASF production facility Schwarzheide4


Floor area

25,730 sqm


114 / 49 / 33.80 m + 113 / 49 / 33.80 m

Type of building

Production facilities

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

July 2020 – March 2022

Description of the facility

BREMER has been contracted to build a turnkey production facility for German chemical company BASF in Schwarzheide.
The building is divided in two identically constructed parts; providing space for office and technical areas as well as for loading.
Used for the production of batteries, the requirements to work protection, sanitation and ventilation and air conditioning are particularly high.
Special constructional arrangements are necessary to provide an even ground area on the estate.