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BREMER - the company

We are one of Germany's foremost providers of turnkey construction based on precast reinforced concrete elements, which are designed and produced at our own works in Paderborn and Leipzig.

We construct buildings for a prestigious portfolio of clients up to any defined performance limit. Our business activities span the following types of building: office buildings, furniture stores, cold storage facilities, logistics buildings, production facilities and retail. In each case, our clients can count on top quality, professional implementation, cost certainty and punctual delivery.

As general contractor we lighten the load for clients at every stage of a project – from planning and design through construction to building management – leaving them free to focus on their core business.

The BREMER AG management consists of Wilhelm Bremer (owner), Michael Dufhues, Dr Matthias Molter and Torsten Schuff (board members). Together with location managers and all our staff, they ensure that clients get exactly the right solution for their needs. From a single source. Based on professional advice and foresight, so that recommendations are focused exclusively on what is really required. And with an eye on cost effectiveness and efficient execution.


(en) Grundverständnis / Gesellschaft und Umwelt/ Lebenswerte Zukunft

Basic premise

The basic mission of our company is to improve the quality of life and the success of our clients. We ensure the creation of added value, growth and sustainable economic existence. We are driven by a passion for construction, making the best use of resources, creating value, engendering a sense of family, solidarity, reliability, partnership, lasting relationships and treating people how they would like to be treated.

Society and the environment

BREMER works and builds with the aim of conserving resources by integrating location, building, services engineering and utilisation at an early stage in the project. We constantly optimise the value-added and supply chain in collaboration with our clients. We replace diminishing resources with alternative products and methods.

A liveable future

We give people the opportunities for personal growth and development. This leads to the personal satisfaction of our employees, clients and partners.

(en) Lebenswerte Zukunft / Heimathafen für Mitarbeiter/ „Enkelfähige“ Zukunft

Home port for employees

We are a transparent company where we delegate responsibility and empower our employees. Everyone has the opportunity to deploy their talents and act on their own responsibility. We solve tasks flexibly and this creates certainty and trust.

Anchor point for clients

We ensure mutual understanding through our professional competence. Different viewpoints provide the basis to achieve an optimised solution. Value-driven collaboration leads to long-lasting customer loyalty.

A future fit for our grandchildren

We ensure continuity and the further development of our competencies through knowledge transfer and actions. In this way, we contribute to an ecologically and socially sustainable and stable society.


Our Vision

Quality, innovation, confidence and dependability are our corporate values. They are the compass for our activities and thus the foundations for our success. They guide our footsteps in the growth markets in which we realise our construction projects on the basis of the BREMER PRINCIPLE. For clients, this means a simpler process through all phases of cooperation, so they are able to concentrate fully on their core business. And every client gets a tailored solution. From a single source.


Total output was € 1,200 million in 2022, the volume of precast elements 137,000 m³. A total of 1300 employees work with daily passion to produce the best results for the client.



A family-owned company with tradition, BREMER lives its values.

Foundation of the company in Paderborn by Wilhelm Bremer

"Grüner Weg" location established in Paderborn, start of production of precast reinforced concrete elements

Creation of the Turnkey Construction business unit

Subsidiary in Stuttgart

Rail loading terminal for precast elements

Central administrative building and canteen in Paderborn

Precast element plant in Leipzig

Subsidiaries in Poland and Leipzig

Hamburg, Rhine-Ruhr and Ingolstadt subsidiaries

Second administrative building and BREMER Academy at the Paderborn location

70th anniversary for BREMER, 15th for Stuttgart subsidiary

Office Berlin-Brandenburg, BREMER Projektentwicklung GmbH

Business division Immobilienservice, subsidiaries Rhein-Main, Bremen und Poznan

Subsidiaries in Karlsruhe and Hanover

75 years of BREMER, Subsidiary in Erfurt