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Planning and Design

success is in the detail


With more than 100 staff, the Planning and Design Division covers every discipline in the field of building design. Projects can thus be developed, optimised and finalised for implementation in conjunction with the client. At the same time, early consideration is given to architectural requirements, structural design and technical building systems.

The result is an optimal, sustainable combination of design, functionality and quality.

Focus on the client

Project development

  • Needs assessment
  • Site analysis
  • Location/site selection support on construction issues such as:

     –  soil properties / foundations
     –  drainage
     –  earthmoving
     –  site requirements

  • Development of client-defined building concepts taking account of:

     – local boundary conditions
     – business processes
     – cost-effectiveness
     – budget guidelines
     – timetabling

  • Participation in talks with authorities
Planning and Design
Planning and Design1
Planning and Design2

Down to the last detail


  • Assumption of service phases 1-5 of the HOAI (German ordinance regulating architects' and engineers' fees):

     –  concept design
     –  preliminary planning
     –  approval planning
     –  execution planning
     –  visualisation
     –  building information modelling (BIM)
     –  interface planning
     –  communication with authorities 

  • Coordination of other specialist planners' work, such as:

     –  fire protection certification
     –  noise protection certification
     –  thermal protection certification
     –  building certifications such as DGNB
     –  wildlife protection certification
     –  traffic reports
     –  soil surveys
     –  extinguishing system concept
     –  changes in development plans

Precise planning

Structural design

  • Static calculation
  • 3D building model development
  • In-situ concrete formwork and reinforcement plan
  • Precast element plans
Planning and Design3
Planning and Design4



  • Development of concepts for:

     –  heating
     –  ventilation
     –  plumbing
     –  electrics

  • Assessment of the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of technical systems
  • Detailed and execution planning for technical systems
  • Interface management
  • Qualified construction management